39°55’33.2″N 75°05’59.1″W

Los Angeles, California – Sheron Barber releases his first Pre-Fall 2021 debut capsule 39°55’33.2″N 75°05’59.1″W, which signifies the geographical coordinates of Sheron Barber’s hometown. Sheron Barber’s neighborhood serves as the muse for this first release. The unisex capsule introduces Sheron’s expertise with technical leather pieces and explores craftsmanship through upcycled and repurposed materials where creative director Sheron Barber has roots in. Barber’s reworked products are one of the most sought-after leather goods by hip-hop stars and athletes including the likes of Rihanna, Bad Bunny, Post Malone, Sheron Barber is a self- taught fashion designer and creator. Barber has made a name for himself by conceptualizing new silhouettes out of existing materials, specifically leather. Barber’s re-worked products are some of the most sought-after leather goods by hip-hop stars and athletes alike. After years of honing his skills, Barber is ready to take his accessory making skills to Ready-to-Wear. A thoughtful and targeted capsule will launch RTW for Barber in July 2021, with a full collection shortly following in September 2021.

The Pre-Fall 2021 capsule is influenced by Sheron’s upbringing in Camden, New Jersey and the heavy motor-cross sub-culture which exists in the region. The debut capsule reflects the evolution of this lifestyle. The design direction explores both inclusivity and total functionality, with all the pieces being genderless. Key design features include targeted toggles on waists, removable nylon pockets and crop options to suit any mood or activity. Subtle branding is hidden on garments, placed discreetly in areas only seen when light reflects on the garment.

With a commitment to responsible sourcing and craftsmanship, the capsule collection offers raw indigo salvaged denim with leather finishes alongside premium Italian leather sport pants with adjustable waistbands and hidden air-vented pockets. For the more easy-to-wear pieces of the capsule collection Sheron Barber experiments with adaptive crewnecks in nylon, french terry hoodies and joggers embossed with functional QR code, and active shirts with laser-cut holes for breathability.

The Sheron Barber collections are rooted in accessibility and participation and will maintain the level of craftsmanship and innovation synonymous with his namesake pieces. The collection has an entry price point at $100 USD going upwards for the more sophisticated leather items at $3,200 USD.

The new capsule collection is launching July 2021 and will be available for pre-order.

About Sheron Barber

Sheron Barber is an American fashion designer, creative director, and entrepreneur currently living in Los Angeles, California and Milan, Italy. Growing up in Camden, NJ, Sheron learned how to harness the power of his creativity and inventiveness to create innovative designs, withstanding the test of time. Sheron Barber™ is a namesake, high-end, fashion house – seamlessly combining both luxury and urban sensibilities. The brand is synonymous with functionality and artisanal leather goods, a concept that guides the design process of the brand, based on a constant drive for experimentation and creativity.

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